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This week I wanted to talk about nail polish. When I did my Nailing Seasonal Changes blog, which I’ll link below, I mentioned that I would probably do another post like that in November or December and here we are. Specifically I wanted to talk about sparkly nail polish. I love sparkly polish all year, but it’s getting to that time of year when it’s more popular. So I actually have 10 different polishes to talk about, but the first five are Pure Ice. I really like the consistency of their polishes and the staying power.


Starting on the left, we have a nice deep red and that is in 1026, Hit The Floor. I really like this shade of red, I find it to be quite versatile and I can wear it in any season. Next we have this gorgeous gold with flecks of orange and that’s in 1013, Studette. I included this polish in a post last November that was about gold polishes, and I will link that below as well. The third polish is an amazing shade of blue in 1012, Wide Awake. I tend to use this color during football season and in December. It makes a great background if you wanted to do any type of design. The next is a pink shade. It’s actually more of a dusty rose and it’s in 1007, Come Closer. It has these diamond shaped holographic pieces mixed in that give it great dimension and shine. And the last Pure Ice polish is in a lovely shade of green, and it’s in 1003, Sheer Luck. What I like about this green is color wise it’s not too light or too dark. And like the pink shade it has little diamond shaped holographic confetti like pieces in it. These are more blue/ purple depending in the lighting, but still reads holiday.

So, on to the next five, we have a mix of different brands and colors.


Starting on the left, we have one of my favorites. This is a blue/purple-ish shade by Sinful Colors and it’s in 831, Hottie. I love this color and wear multiple times a year, as you can see by the half empty bottle :). And it goes great with other colors if you wanted to have an accent shade with it. Now the next four I like to use mostly after Christmas, either on or heading towards New Years. The first is from the Wet n’ Wild Mega Rocks collection and it’s in 495A, Gettin’ Amped. I don’t own any other Wet n’ Wild polishes, but a while ago I was on the hunt for a polish like this for a party or some event and I found this and ended up really liking it. It has a mix of black, and two shades of silver, different sized confetti pieces and it’s just fun. The last three are Hard Candy polishes and they’re from the Hard Candy Cube of Color nail collection. We have a chunky silver, a medium gold, and a fine silver. Pretty much every New Years Eve when I do my nails I will do a black base layer with two coats of one of these silvers or gold. Or I’ll do gold with a silver accent nail or vice versa.

That about wraps it up for this post, I might do another one of these posts in December  with Christmas designs.

Until next time, enjoy all the sparkly polishes and remember, you can never have too much nail polish :).


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