Costumes of Halloweens past

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Today, as Halloween is coming up and everyone is either throwing or going to parties, I wanted to talk about costumes. I love to dress up and always have, so this is a fun time for me. I figured I would take a look back at some of the costumes I’ve worn and kind of talk about how I styled them and whatnot. The first look is from 2012, and that’s the year that I was Sandy from Grease, but the bad Sandy. Probably since I first saw the movie I had wanted to be Sandy for Halloween, so when I got the chance I was so excited. And I think I pulled it off pretty well too :). I bought the outfit itself from Party City and when it came to styling I went, of course, with the curly hair and classic red lip. And I paired that with a smokey eye with colors from a Stila palette and winged liner. The lipstick I used was from Maybelline and it’s in 640, Ruby Star. And all that was finished off with nude heels, diamond stud earrings and red nails. I also had blue and pink feathers in my hair at the time, so that added a little extra fun :). Also, excuse my weird choice of pose.


The next costume is from 2013, and I called this Bloody Prom Queen. It was basically a riff on Carrie, but much less bloody. The cool thing about this costume is it ended up costing me about $3.00. The dress I had in the back of my closet, the shoes, which were the same ones I used for the previous years costume, I already had. Those heels weren’t purchased for Halloween purposes, but when it works it works. The plastic crown I already had from my birthday party, so all I had to buy was the fake blood. To bring that all together I curled my hair, did a brown smokey eye, with browns from a Stila palette I can’t remember the name of, the red lip was the Maybelline Ruby Star and I added some bracelets for extra bling.


Moving on to 2014, we have one of my all-time favorite costumes. Rosie The Riveter. This was a lot of fun for me. And I highly recommend it if you haven’t done it. It’s also super easy to DIY. All you need are coveralls or go denim on denim and add a red bandana and red lipstick. But for my costume I bought the outfit from Party City. It came with the red polka dot bandana, which I still use as a hair accessory now on certain looks. And to go with that I wanted to copy the hair on the poster as close as I could, so I asked my sister,who is a hair wizard, to do it for me and it turned out amazing. To go with that I did a dark blue eyeshadow, Smolder from the Too Faced Smokey Eye palette, and my favorite e.l.f. Moisturizing Lipstick in Red Carpet. And I paired that with white wedges and for that little extra I took a small wrench and put it on a chain for a necklace.


And finally, we have last years costume which was the no dress up, dress up look. I wasn’t planning on doing anything at all, but I ended up going with my sister to take my nephew trick or treating so I wanted to do something. So all I did was a simple jeans and black tank top with a leather jacket, grey boots and that paisley scarf I love so much that has the skulls on it. Along with simple eyeshadow, Nice Ash from the Too Faced Smokey Eye palette, and Red Carpet on my lips.


I didn’t plan to wear red lipstick every Halloween, but it just ended up being that way and there’s a chance I’ll do it again this year :).

I’m really excited to dress up this year and if you want to see me in my costume I’ll be posting to all of my social media accounts. If any of you guys dress up I’d love to see and especially if you end up in any of the costumes I’ve shown here tag me :).

Until next, enjoy any Halloween parties you go to and have fun dressing up :).


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