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This week’s race took us to Sonoma, California for the Toyota NHRA Sonoma Nationals and stop number two of the Western Swing and the Pro Stock Motorcycle specialty race the Pro Bike Battle. Starting off with that, the ladder was this; #1 Eddie Krawic vs #8 Steve Johnson, #2 Andrew Hines vs #7 Hector Arana Jr, #3 Jerry Savoie vs #6 Matt Smith and #4 Chip Ellis vs #5 Hector Arana Sr. Winners and who they faced in round two were Eddie Krawic vs Chip Ellis and Andrew Hines vs Matt Smith. The finals round was Eddie Krawic vs Andrew Hines, with the winner being Andrew Hines. This is Andrew’s sixth Pro Bike Battle win and along with the trophy he takes home $7,500.

Starting off with Top Fuel, the ladder looked like this; #1 Steve Torrence (3.67), who set the new national ET record at 3.671, vs #16 Terry Haddock (4.75), #2 Antron Brown (3.71) vs #15 Terry McMillen (4.28), #3 Doug Kalitta (3.71) vs #14 Bill Litton (4.02, #4 Shawn Langdon (3.71) vs #13 Scott Palmer (3.92), #5 Richie Crampton (3.71) vs #12 Troy Buff (3.81), #6 Brittany Force (3.72) vs #11 TJ Zizzo (3.80), #7 JR Todd (3.73) vs #10 Clay Millican (3.76) and #8 Tony Schumacher (3.73) vs #9 Leah Prichett (3.75). The winners and who they would face in round two were Steve Torrence (3.74) and Tony Schumacher (3.73), Scott Palmer, upset alert, (3.94) and Richie Crampton (3.74), Antron Brown (3.71) and JR Todd (3.74) and Doug Kalitta (4.09) and Brittany Force (3.76). The semifinals were Steve Torrence (4.61) vs Richie Crampton (3.79) and JR Todd (3.74) vs Doug Kalitta (3.78). The finals featured Richie Crampton (3.79) and the Lucas Oil team and JR Todd (4.12) and the SealMaster team. With the winner being JR Todd (3.74). This is JR’s first win of the season. It’s also important to say that so far Antron Brown, Doug Kalitta, Steve Torrence and Brittany Force have clinched spots in the Countdown.

Next we have Funny Car, where the ladder looked like this; #1 Del Worsham (3.86) vs #16 Tim Gibbons (4.51), #2 Courtney Force (3.87) vs #15 Gary Densham (4.48), #3 Robert Hight (3.87) vs #14 Jeff Diehl (4.14), #4 Matt Hagan (3.87) vs #13 John Hale (4.01), #5 Ron Capps (3.87) vs #12 Cruz Pedregon (4.00), #6 John Force (3.89) vs #11 Alexis DeJoria (3.94), and speaking of Alexis I want to send my thoughts and prayers to her and wish her a speedy recovery as she hit the all hard in E1 and suffered a fractured pelvis. #7 Tim Wilkerson (3.90) vs #10 Chad Head (3.92), and #8 Tommy Johnson Jr (3.90) vs #9 Jack Beckman (3.92). The winners and who they would face in round two were Del Worsham (4.95) and Jack Beckman (3.92), Matt Hagan (3.90) and Ron Capps (3.94), Courtney Force (3.91) and Chad Head (4.01) and Robert Hight (3.90) and John Force (3.93). The semifinals were Del Worsham (3.95) vs Ron Capps (3.96) and Courtney Force (3.93) vs John Force (3.92). The finals featured Ron Capps (3.93) and the NAPA Auto Parts team and John Force (3.93) and the Peak Antifreeze team. With the winner being John Force (3.94). This win means that John still has a chance to sweep the swing and Funny Car is the only class that that’s still possible in. So far there are only two people in Funny Car who have clinched spots in the Countdown and that’s Ron Capps and Courtney Force.

Moving on we have Pro Stock, where the ladder looked like this; #1 Bo Butner (6.55) vs #16 Joey Grose (6.77), #2 Greg Anderson (6.56) vs #15 Alan Prusiensky (6.73), #3 Shane Gray (6.57) vs #14 Deric Kramer (6.64), #4 Chris McGaha (6.57) vs #13 Jeg Coughlin (6.63), #5 Matt Hartford (6.58) vs #12 Alex Laughlin (6.63), #6 Allen Johnson (6.58) vs #11 Aaron Strong (6.63), #7 Vincent Nobile (6.59) vs #10 Erica Enders (6.61), and #8 Jason Line (6.59) vs #9 Drew Skillman (6.60). The winners and who they would face in round two were Bo Butner (6.55) and Drew Skillman (6.60), Chris McGaha (6.59) and Matt Hartford (6.58), Greg Anderson (6.56) and Vincent Nobile (6.57) and Shane Gray (6.58) and Allen Johnson (6.58). The semifinals were Bo Butner (6.60) vs Matt Hartford (15.79) and Greg Anderson (6.57) vs Shane Gray (6.60). The finals were Bo Butner (6.62) and the Jim Butner Auto team and Greg Anderson (6.62) and the Summit Racing Equipment team. With the winner being Greg Anderson (6.58). This is Greg’s seventh win of the season and it also ties him with Bob Glidden for second on the Pro Stock all-time wins list. This win also makes its Jason: 7 Greg: 7. And along with Greg and Jason, Bo Butner has clinched a spot in the Countdown.

And finally we have Pro Stock Motorcycle, where the ladder looked like this; #1 Eddie Krawic (6.75) vs #16 Jim Underdahl (6.90), #2 Angelle Sampey (6.75) vs #15 Angie Smith (6.88), #3 Andrew Hines (6.77) vs #14 Freddie Camarena (6.87), #4 LE Tonglet (6.78) vs #13 Katie Sullivan (6.86), #5 Chip Ellis (6.79) vs #12 Hector Arana (6.85), #6 Matt Smith (6.81) vs #11 Michael Ray (6.85), #7 Hector Arana Jr (6.82) vs #10 Karen Stoffer (6.85) and #8 Jerry Savoie (6.82) vs #9 Steve Johnson (6.83). With the bump spot being 6.902 this is the quickest Pro Stock Motorcycle field in NHRA history. Also Angelle’s round one 199.76 mph run makes you wonder when the 200 mph barrier will be broken and who it will be by. Will it be the Vance and Hines team or Star Racing team? Or will it be someone else entirely? I’m sure we’ll soon find out. The winners and who they would face in round two were Eddie Krawic (6.75) and Jerry Savoie (6.82), LE Tonglet (6.79) and Hector Arana (6.82), Angelle Sampey (6.73) and Hector Arana Jr (6.81) and Andrew Hines (6.80) and Matt Smith (6.84). The semifinals were Eddie Krawic (6.78) vs LE Tonglet (6.79) and Hector Arana Jr (6.82) vs Andrew Hines (6.80). The finals featured LE Tonglet (6.81) and the Nitro Fish team and Andrew Hines (6.83) and the Vance and Hines Harley Davidson team. With the winner being LE Tonglet (6.81). This is LE’s first win of the season and first win since 2011. Those who have clinched a spot in the Countdown are Eddie Krawic, Andrew Hines and Angelle Sampey.

The next race will be the Protect the Harvest NHRA Northwest Nationals August 5-7 in Seattle, Washington.

Until next time, congrats to all the winners and I can’t wait for the next race :).


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