Nailing it with pastels

Hi everyone,

This week I wanted to talk about something I haven’t mentioned in a while, and that’s nail polish. I’m the type of person who will wear any color at any time of year, but right now I’m really enjoying lighter colors and namely pastels.


Starting on the far left, the first one is a lilcay purple in the shade 270, Lacey Lilac, from the Sally Hansen Hard as Nails Xtreme Wear collection. I don’t own a lot of purple nail polish, so this is the perfect sort of starter shade if you will. I wore it on Easter and I found it to be perfect for the day. The next polish isn’t technically a pastel, but I’ve been loving it and wearing it a lot lately. And that’s 1103, Island Coral from Sinful Colors. I’ve actually got it on my nails now. If you want to wear it with an accent color or a design it stands up well and goes nicely with other polishes. The third polish is straight up yellow and it’s in the shade 1028, Show Stopper, by Pure Ice. For the longest time I wouldn’t wear yellow polish because I had a terribly cheap one stain some of my nails, I didn’t know about base coats back then,but now I’m slowly getting back into it. I like to pair this with a white or maybe a pink for the flower feeling. Next we have a polish that I’ve mentioned before and that’s 485, Golden-I, from the Sally Hansen Hard as Nails Xtreme Wear collection. I mentioned this in my Something golden this way comes post and I’ll link that below for anyone interested. I’m still loving it and I did strategically place it when I took the photo. I really love to wear it with the tealy shade it’s next to. It doesn’t have a sticker on it, but I think it’s the Sage nail polish from Forever 21. And yes, the fact that it has my name in it did influence my decision to buy it :). I absolutely love teal and this polish is great. I’m always a little nervous about buying nail polish that is from the store itself and not a nail polish brand. But I was pleasantly surprised with the staying power, how nice and rich the color is and how nicely it comes off the nails. Plus the actual Sage green color isn’t the prettiest, so this is a nice change. This brings us to the last polish. And that is 481, Breezy Blue, from the Sally Hansen Hard as Nails Xtreme Wear collection. You might be seeing a trend here, but I really love the Sally Hansen polishes. This one is a really light blue with an almost white undertone. When you put it on you can really see how thin it is and if you really want to show off the true colors it’s multiple coats. No one and done here. But I like it a lot and it will probably be the color I paint my nails next.

The next time I do a post like this will most likely be in the summer, so keep an eye out for that :).

Until next time, enjoy your nail polish and if you see a pastel, buy it :).


Something golden post:

Something golden this way comes

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