Going green on March 17th

Hi everyone,

I noticed today that next week is St Patrick’s Day and being Irish, it’s a day that I quite enjoy. There are so many ways to dress up for the holiday, so I thought I would share a few subtle ways to add some green into your look and avoid being pinched :). The first way is with nail polish.


Going from left to right, the first one is from Salon Perfect, and it’s in the shade 502, Loopy Lime. The next one is a sparkly shade from Pure Ice in 1003, Sheer Luck. The third polish my preferred choice for St Patrick’s Day, it’s a darker green from Pure Ice and it’s in 303 Free Spirit. The last polish is the darkest, it’s also sparkly and I don’t have a name for it, but it’s from the Hard Candy Cube of Color nail collection.

The next couple of things are a few accessories.


This is a pin that I wear every year, it’s a mouse holding a shamrock and it says Luck O’ The Irish. I don’t even know where you could buy this or if you would even be able to. It was given to me by my mom, and she had it for a while before that.

The next accessory is a pair of earrings.


I don’t actually own any other green earrings that aren’t Christmas related, and these ones are more green than they look. But I quite like these and they add a nice sparkle.

The last accessory is a scarf.


I featured this scarf in my post A little Bit of Everything. It is a bit cheeky, but this  scarf has a lot of different colors in it and I was able to style it in a way that showed a lot of green in it.

The next time I do a post like this will probably be for Easter.

Until next time, try not to get pinched and have a Happy St Patrick’s Day :).


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