Oh Christmas tree

Days until Christmas: 7

Hi everyone,

As it is getting close to Christmas and I’ve finished my decorating, I thought that I would share a couple of things with you. The second weekend in December I went and got my Christmas tree. Initially I wasn’t as excited to get a tree because the lot I normally go to had closed and I had to go somewhere else. But, I am pretty happy with the tree I got.


This tree is a Colorado Blue Spruce and for the most part it’s fine and it looks nice, but I wouldn’t recommend buying this type of tree. The reason being is that it’s the tree version of a cactus. It is honestly so prickly and unlike any tree I’ve ever had before.


After an hour or so of decorating this was the final product. I’m one of those people who like the idea of a theme tree, but I just have too many sentimental ornaments and it wouldn’t feel like Christmas without them on the tree. And I am quite happy with the way it turned out.

I’m also uploading another post tomorrow about the rest of my Christmas decorations, so prepare to feel festive :).

Until next time, enjoy the smell of pine and have fun decorating your trees.


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