Nails of Christmas past

Days until Christmas: 16

Hi everyone,

Happy December! This is my absolute favorite time of year. It’s so festive and I love everything about it. One thing that I do every year through December is festive manicures. I try to do a new one every week starting in the second week so I have them from the 7th to the 27th. I was really pleased with the manicures that I did last year and I thought I would share that with you guys :).


This one was very simple and easy.


The red is Pure Ice in 1026, Hit the Floor. The gold is Salon Perfect in 812, Gold Sparkle.


I did these for my second manicure and they were a bit more difficult. I really liked the idea of snowflakes and I did have to redo it a couple of times, but I’m happy with the way it turned out.


For this I like to use a darker blue so I chose Salon Perfect in 207, Blue Ribbon and the white I used the Sally Hansen I heart Nail Art pen with a fine tip in 360, Pearly White.


This last one was the toughest to figure out because I wanted each nail to be different from the others.


For this one I wanted to be more on the realistic side, so I tried to find a green that was very tree like. The green I ended up using was Pure Ice 303, in Free Spirit. The red is Sinful Colors 852, in Gogo Girl and the gold is Salon Perfect 812, in Gold Sparkle.

I’m not entirely sure when I will do another post like this. However, I am doing festive manicures this year, so if you want to see it as it happens you can go over and check out my Instagram :).

 Until next time, let your creativity sparkle and enjoy the holidays :).


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