Skulls, pumpkins, and scarecrows oh my…

Hi everyone,

As Halloween is next week and I finally finished putting up all of my decorations, I thought that I would show you guys. This are a mix of Halloween/ fall decorations and once October is over I’ll switch the ghosts and skulls for turkey’s and cornucopias.

Halloween 1

Halloween 11

Halloween 2

Halloween 21

Halloween 31

Halloween 3

Halloween 32

Out of everything, I’d say that my favorites are the wreath and the Halloween tree. I also have outside lights, and you’ll probably see those next week when I do my pumpkin carving post. The next time I do a decoration post will be at Christmas time and I do go all out for Christmas, so fair warning ;). If you guys want to know where anything is from let me know, and I would love to see your Halloween decorations.

Until next time, enjoy all things pumpkin and if you see a cute decoration, buy it 🙂


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