Nailing it for football season

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It’s been a while, but I’m back. As it’s now the middle of September and fall is in full swing, I have some fun fall themed posts coming your way. One of my favorite parts of September is the start of football season. I’ve always loved sports and when the Super Bowl 48 Champion Seattle Seahawks are your team it’s hard not to get excited about it. One of my favorite ways to support my team is with fun manicures and nail art. Now I’m not claiming to be a manicurist or nail artist and of course there are a multitude of different designs you could use and come up with. I’m going to show you some of the ones I’ve done in the past couple seasons and maybe it will inspire you to do some fun nail art to support your team.  What I’m going to do first is post the polishes I use when I do Seahawks themed nails, then I’ll show some of the finished looks.


Starting on the far left, we’ve got a really dark perfect Seahawks blue, in 207, Blue Ribbon by Salon Perfect. The next shade, the green is darker than it appears in the photo, it’s a really nice lime and that’s in 502, Loopy Lime also by Salon Perfect. Now, the short polish in the middle I don’t have a name for, but it’s from the Hard Candy Cube of Color nail collection. It’s a nice blue shade, lighter than Blue Ribbon by a couple of shades, and it is a sparkly polish but the sparkles are really fine and it doesn’t look too over the top. The next is a nice shade of blue, darker than the Hard Candy one. I usually go for that one when doing blue and green nails and I want to add a little more to it because it is a sparkly polish. The last one is a shade that I don’t typically use for my game day manicure, but if you want to use a more understated green opposed to Loopy Lime it is a good alterative. It’s in 1003, Sheer Luck by Pure Ice. It is a sparkly shade, but it has little diamond like shapes in a light blue and purple-ish color so it isn’t boring by any means.

Nails3If I’m doing a manicure with numbers or I’m attempting to write something, I usually stick to the same few things. The first is the blue LA Colors Art Deco polish. I don’t have a name for that one, but I do like the color and small brush it comes with. The next one is the Sally Hansen I heart nail art pen. This one has a fine tip and is in 360, Pearly White. I use this for all different manicures throughout the year and I love it. I recently had a blue one, but it ran out and I threw it away before I could post this..oops. However, when I get a new one I will talk about in an upcoming post.

The last thing that I like to use are these amazing decals. I got these for my birthday and I just repurchased them. They’re from Etsy and I’ll link the website below. These are water slide decals. Incredibly easy to use and you can get custom ones made.





If I remember correctly, the first one was for Super Bowl 48, the middle was for the NFC Championship game last year, which, fun fact, was held on my birthday :), the third one which is probably my favorite of the three, was for Super Bowl 49 last year.

I probably won’t do another nail post until Christmas time, so keep and eye out for that :).

Until next time, watch as much football as possible, don’t be afraid to use sparkly nail polish, and most importantly, Go Hawks! 🙂



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