Helicopter Review

Hi everyone, today’s blog is going to be exactly as it sounds. I’m going to be reviewing an r/c helicopter that I recently purchased. I would like to say that I did a whole lot of research before I made my purchase, but that is not the case. I bought my helicpoter right before New Years Eve. Reason being was I was looking for something to eat up some time, with it being the holidays there wasn’t a lot going on. Growing up I had a lot of little r/c cars and trucks, so I knew this type of thing could be a lot of fun. Basically I went into a toy store and walked up and down the aisles until I found something that I liked. What I ended up going with was the Audley RC Swift 3-Channel Gyro helicopter. I went with the yellow and silver, that has the black, yellow, and white rotor blades. This isn’t the most expensive helicopter out there, so I wasn’t expecting it to last very long. So far, I’ve been happily surprised. I have had my fair share of crashes and it has held up very well. One of the things I really, really like about this helicopter is the controller. This one is very similar to a PlayStation controller, so I found it very easy to acclimate to. The power lever is spring loaded unlike other controller where it sits in the middle, this one is always all the way down so there is no chance that it will start going unless there is interference. Which I have had and it’s freaky, one minute it’s sitting there and the next it’s going. Especially freaky when you are holding it. I have yet to lose a finger though. I hope you guys were able to find this helpful, and if anyone goes out and buys a helicopter let me know how you like it.


Until next time, fly straight and be aware of interference




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